4 Future Food Trends

     In today's fast-changing digital world, consumer needs change with the times. There are new trends in food that are very interesting to keep an eye on.

1. Sustainability and environmental impact

     The sustainability of natural resources and the surrounding ecosystem has become a factor that has stepped up to play a very important role. Consumers not only want to receive quality and tasty products and services but also pay attention to the sources and processes and how the products they choose to consume are beneficial to the conservation of the environment.

     If the product is manufactured from the factory, receiving the Marine Catch Purchasing Document ( MCPD ) from the Department of Fisheries ensures that it is consistent with the restoration and conservation of natural resources. They can also trace the origin of fishery products.

     Chaijinda Seafood's factory received the Fishery Product Trading Regulation (MCPD) from the Department of Fisheries. thus creating confidence for consumers. as well as elevating product standards to other countries that have strict measures

2. Natural raw material

     It is known that Natural raw materials are safe, so the seafood produced from natural raw materials It's not just synthetic flavouring. and free from harmful chemicals but it is the safest choice for many types of cooking and food products.

     Seafood Powder and Seafood Seasoning Powder by Chaijinda are made from natural ingredients, real shrimp, and real fish, selected from the best raw material sources to become seafood powder and instant seafood seasoning powder. Bringing authentic seafood value to a wide variety of food products. both the smell and taste of real seafood. It's a taste for all seafood lovers!

3. Food with health benefits

     The growing health-conscious population choose to consume nutrient-rich food with health benefits.  Many people who take care of their health control carbohydrate intake and focus on both protein and important minerals

     Seafood is a food that is rich in protein which is important for muscle strength and also the body repair process. Seafood also has benefits from omega-3 , which stimulates brain function and nourishes the eyes so it is well known that seafood is the super food for us.

     Chaijinda’s Seafood Powder is an innovative food that comes from real seafood to develop for consumers to access seafood value easily and a wider variety. This ready-to-cook seafood seasoning powder. can be put in many types of food products oIt helps to deliver delicious seafood dishes more easily and conveniently in your own kitchen!

4. Foods that do not come from red meat

     A large number of consumers turn to a diet that doesn't come from red meat because of their effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the meat industry and reduce exposure to chemical contaminants in meat.

     Popular trends apart from vegetarian (vegan) and plant-based is the pescatarian diet. The Pescatarian diet is a diet where you do not consume meat but still eat fish and seafood. This trend has gained popularity in the past few years. Fish and seafood are high in protein that the body needs to maintain good health.