5 Benefits of innovative Seafood Powder for Restaurants and Food Service Business

     Many of you may have encountered problems in sourcing raw materials for food, including seasonal fluctuations in quantity, price and consistency of raw materials. This causes problems in controlling the standards for food quality and the efficiency of restaurant business operations.

     What are the solutions to sourcing raw materials for seafood for restaurants and food service businesses?

     Chaijinda Seafood Seasoning Powder is an innovation in raw materials that is ultimately convenient for cuisine and excellently maintains the nutritional value of seafood ingredients.

     This instant Seafood Seasoning Powder is made from real seafood ingredients, real shrimp, real fish and real shrimp paste so it provides nutritional value from real seafood ingredients. Both the aroma and the taste are from authentic natural seafood and do not contain any synthetic flavouring.

How can seafood powder innovation help restaurant and food service businesses?

1. Convenient & Save Time

     By using instant Seafood Seasoning Powder, it can save a considerable amount of time and labour in procuring and preparing raw materials. Therefore, it effectively aids in reducing production costs.

2. Easy to store, reduce storage costs

     Instant Seafood Seasoning powder can be stored at room temperature and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. This saves the physical space and the cost of cold storage which all add up to the production cost

3. Food formula can be consistently controlled

     A constant amount of Chaijinda’s Seafood Seasoning Powder allows each dish to be cooked to a consistent taste.  So it is easier to control the quality of the restaurant business from small to large scale including formulating chain restaurants with multiple branches and food franchise businesses.

4. The smell and taste of real seafood

     Chaijinda's instant Seafood Seasoning Powder is made from real seafood, giving the smell and the taste of real seafood, not just the smell or taste that is synthetic flavouring. 

5. Natural ingredients, food safety and standard production process

     At Chaijinda, we pay attention to every procedure from sourcing, selecting high-quality seafood ingredients, and sorting out the contaminants to ensure a high standard of food safety to international standards. GMP, HACCP, FSSC 22000, and certificate from the Department of Fisheries of Thailand.

     In summary, because of the special features of Chaijinda’s Seafood Seasoning Powder mentioned above, this Seafood Seasoning Powder is a crucial tool that improves the supply chain efficiency for restaurants and food service businesses.