Facts about food safety and food crime

     What is a food crime ? How can we protect ourselves from food crimes? Let’s know more!

     In today's society with more crime news about terrorism, everyone has to be on the lookout for a variety of potential threats whether it is physical, biological terrorism and imminent threats that many people may not know such as food crimes.

What is a food crime?

     Food crimes are acts with the intention of intentionally causing harm through food through contamination of food , biological, chemical or radioactive substances. As has been the case in China, employees were accidentally contaminated with chemicals in frozen dumplings. resulting in harm to the end consumer in Japan.

How can we protect ourselves from food crimes?

Selection of food produced from factory that meets standards according to the quality system FSSC 22000 , which covers food defense measures, will help identify food crime safety for consumers.

How should we choose safe seafood when seafood typically has such high chance of contamination?

Selection of food produced from a standard factory with a thorough contamination inspection both the inspection of contaminants with the human eyes and the detection of contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye by laboratory analysis helps. This will help consumers to be more confident in the cleanliness and safety of seafood products.

     Chaijinda factory is dedicated to every step of the production of products. Processed seafood in every production lot are sourced from selected raw materials, undergoes several stages of contaminant inspection and also laboratory analysis of every production lot. All these careful procedures to ensure that our processed seafood is really clean and safe for consumers.